Rehabilitation for Patients of All Ages

The goal of Munson Healthcare’s comprehensive rehabilitation services is to help patients of all ages regain independence following surgery, injury, or illness. Our experienced professionals help you achieve your personal goals – every step of the way. We will help you get back to living an active and productive life by improving your day-to-day ability to enjoy the activities you love.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Patients across northern Michigan depend on Munson Healthcare to help restore independence and improve their self-confidence. Using state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and evidence-based techniques, our team provides one-on-one rehab services in an environment that encourages recovery, positivity, and independence. We offer a wide variety of services – all delivered by our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, including:

Specialized Treatment Programs

我们整个康复团队一起工作esign individualized treatment programs to help patients of all ages achieve their personal objectives. After a physical or occupational therapist or speech-language pathologist conducts a comprehensive evaluation, a treatment program is carefully customized to meet each person’s specific needs.


Acute injury rehabilitation: For acute or sudden traumatic injury, acute injury rehabilitation can help aid recovery if you’ve sustained an injury such as fracture, dislocation, tearing a muscle, or severe strains or sprains.

Back rehabilitation: Including a thorough musculoskeletal and neurological assessment, our back rehabilitation specialists provide an individualized treatment program to reduce discomfort and promote healing.

Concussion rehabilitation:With an evidenced-based approach to脑震荡康复, our team at Munson Healthcare uses a five-stage approach called CRANIUM for athletes and athletic trainers to ensure complete healing prior to returning to sports.

Lymphedema rehabilitation:With certifiedlymphedematherapists, our team provides a range of treatments, including customized exercise programs, to improve function and decrease the risk of complications.

McKenzie Method®for chronic pain management:An evidence-based approach to chronic pain management, Munson Healthcare uses thisspecialized approachto customize an individualized treatment plan for improved outcomes.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation:Using the principles of physical therapy to improve the strength and function of pelvic floor muscles, these rehabilitation techniques can help with urinary incontinence overactive bladder and pelvic floor prolapse.

Specialized Parkinson’s disease care:基于对大脑可以使用重复的语音和运动疗法来学习和改变的研究,我们提供专业化Parkinson’s disease rehabilitationusing Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) methods.

Vestibular rehabilitation:For inner ear or balance disorders, vestibular rehabilitation can help improve symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo or imbalance through an exercise-based program that focuses on problem-solving and sensory compensation.

Vital Step Fitness Program:This unique gym experience专为最近经历康复的人而设计,并对密切监测的健身计划感兴趣,使您的个人需求和安全。

Wound care:Physical therapy components of wound care can increase strength and mobility to enhance tissue healing during the critical stages of wound recovery.

Enhanced Services in Collaboration With Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation

比以往任何时候都专门和协调护理is what our patients can expect with our expanded collaboration with one of the largest and most comprehensive rehabilitation hospitals in the United States. Our health care team works closely with experts fromMary Free Bed Rehabilitationto enhance rehab services for our northern Michigan communities.

Our health care team includes physiatrists and physician assistants who provide integrated, coordinated, and high-quality rehabilitation. Their expertise includes complex medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Our enhanced rehabilitation services are available inElk Rapids,金斯利,Traverse City - Chums Corner,Traverse City - Foster Family Community Health Center,Traverse City - Long LakeTraverse City - Spine Center.

Why Choose Munson Healthcare

Our rehabilitation teams across northern Michigan take great pride in treating every patient as an individual. When you choose us for rehabilitation services, you can expect a personalized treatment plan that is ideal for your particular needs.

除了专业的training of our rehabilitation specialists, we use state-of-the-art equipment to help speed your recovery – and help get you on the path to improved health.

Through a true collaborative approach to care and our strong commitment to family and caregiver involvement, we expedite your recovery and promote a lifetime of health and wellness.

For more information about Munson Healthcare rehabilitation services near you, contact one of our team members at any of our convenient locations. Please click on a location below for more information and contact details.

Service Locations

Bear Lake Outpatient Services 8225 Lake St. Bear Lake, MI 49614 231-864-5002 - Currently closed Get Directions
Beaver Island Rehabilitation Center 37304 Kings Hwy. Beaver Island, MI 49782 231-547-8630 Get Directions
Boyne Rehab Center 197 State St. Boyne City, MI 47912 231-582-6365 Get Directions
Charlevoix Hospital - Outpatient Services 14700 Lake Shore Dr. Charlevoix, MI 49720 231-547-4024 Get Directions
Empire Family Care 9975 W. Ottawa Ave. 帝国,MI 49630 231-835-2088 231-835-2534 Get Directions
Grayling Community Health Center 1250 E. Michigan Ave. Grayling, MI 49738 989-348-0550 Get Directions
Jordan Valley Rehab Center 100 Main St. East Jordan, MI 49727 231-536-1451 Get Directions
Manistee社区保健中心 1345 E. Parkdale Ave. Manistee, MI 49660 Get Directions
Manistee Wellness Center 2198 US-31 S. Manistee, MI 49660 231-398-1960 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Healthcare - Cadillac 704 Oak St., Ste.100 Cadillac, MI 49601 231-876-7443 231-876-6460 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Healthcare - Grayling 1250 E. Michigan Ave. Grayling, MI 49738 989-348-0314 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Medical Center - Chums Corner 4025 Chums Village Dr., Ste. E Traverse City, MI 49685 231-252-3433 231-252-3535 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Medical Center - Elk Rapids 128 Ames Street Elk Rapids, MI 49629 231-264-6682 231-264-9188 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Medical Center - Foster Family Community Health Center 550 Munson Ave. Traverse City, MI 49686 231.935.8600. 231.935.8609 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Medical Center - Kingsley 2291 M-113 E. 金斯利, MI 49649 231-263-8040 231-263-8181 Get Directions
Mary Free Bed at Munson Medical Center - Long Lake 5191 Rosewood博士 Traverse City, MI 49685 231-946-1979 231-946-1984 Get Directions
Many Spectrent Centre - 脊椎中心Traverse City 3988 West Royal Drive Traverse City, MI 49684 231-421-1599 231-421-1606 Get Directions
Munson Outpatient Services - Benzonia 6227 Frankfort Hwy. Benzonia, MI 49616 Get Directions
Munson门诊服务 - 跨域 1975 Stirling Dr. Interlochen, MI 49643 Get Directions
OMH Medical Group - Lewiston 3040 Bourn St. Lewiston, MI 49756 989-786-4877 989-786-2187 Get Directions
OMH Orthopedic & Rehab Center 2147 Professional Dr. Gaylord, MI 49735 Get Directions
Otsego Memorial Hospital Outpatient Services 825 N. Center Ave. Gaylord, 49735 989-731-2100 Get Directions
Prudenville社区保健中心 2585 W. Houghton Lake Dr. Prudenville, MI 48651 989-366-2900 Get Directions
Roscommon Community Health Center 234 Lake St. Roscommon, MI 48653 989-275-1200 Get Directions
Wellston Outpatient Services 14477 Caberfae Hwy. (M-55) Wellston, MI 49689 Get Directions